Fernando Ureña Rib presents his "Oceanic" exhibition at the lounges of the Casa del Cordón, which shelters the Cultural Center of the National Popular Bank. In this magnificent, secular and renovated frame Fernando Ureña Rib exhibit  22 paintings.  The environment fits to the tidiness of his brilliant art execution, to the conscientiousness, identifying the marine and oceanic sequences. Fernando Ureña is one of our best draftsmen and equally a refined colourist and expert in luminous modulations of colors, and in the the quality of his brushstroke.

He is at the same time a contemporary and a conservative artist who sticks to the sumptuous and rich texture of the oil paint. Twenty years does not seem that long, and it was like yesterday, when not very far from the House of the Cordón, in the Colonial Gallery, this very young painter at the time, came otu as a graduated from the National Fine Arts School in Santo Domingo, and exhibited for the first time individually in 1973.

One of Fernando Ureña's characteristics is that he neither repeats himself and does not even break with his own past. He evolves and links a period with previous, ready to "reconnect" a topic with the next, integrating new elements to his old motives and themes.

We coul see a kind of pictorial autobiography in these metamorphoses. "Chrysalises" was fastened as a title of one of his recent series. In fact, every sample becomes a chrysalis, Nymph whose cocoon prepares the next metamorphosis. This is what happens with "Oceanic", probably indicative of another sensual, fruit-bearing and organic inspiration that has his own and authentic profile.

For years Fernando Ureña has been attracted by the Ocean. The sea is for him like symbol and source of life, as inexhaustible quarry of forms, spaces and tonalities. In fabrics and drawings the fish has been an appellant entity, inhabited and duplicated and multiplied in playful optical games and in a basic or secondary effect. In Oceanic, the artist, is immersed  in the aquatic funds, and has exceeded the fish-shaped world from his previous exhibitions. The onirism, which is the dominant element of his paintings for more than one period, he has designed and painted unknown shells, soft molluscs, rare vegetable forms and conspicuous snails. Fernando Ureña, in the dream and the dream of the  "morfo-chromatic" creation has prepared " different kind of mutants and chrysalises of sea.

Personally, we look at them - almost tactile and sonorously, like  one of his qualities is of the plural sensibility  that suggests a fruit-bearing object. Fruits of the tropic in his lyricism pulpous and glossy. Fruits prohibited maybe, in the measure that they suggest to the adult eyes, allusions and signs of erotism. The most beautiful paintings, of moderate formats, are metaphors of the temptation, with spheres, oblong modules, curl and ellipsoids forms, of volumetric and provocative in its impeccable illusionism.

He is not in this stage when the eroticism has intervened as unavoidable ingredient. We would say that it has become more marked and suggestive, not in the nudes of Fernando, owner - goblin of the anatomical virtuosity, but in his surreal compositions , vegetable forms and plants, animal anatomy, turn always into organic forms . To bring them near to objects and intimacies would be takes him much of his seduction and to vulgarize his lyrics and poetics. The sensuality reigns, imposes, impregnates. Not more.

Now , we have mentioned the aquatic funds. Fund in this meaning means atmosphere, way, environment. It is exactly what we perceive, which we feel, before Fernando Ureña's painting. Here the motive does not exist in the first plane, or planes staggered on a bottom species  of curtain and chromatic support. Concerning the modules there is felt a consistent, surrounding element, full of substance, of life, of mystery. Even more, in certain works this "oceanic" bottom , with his deafened clarities, with his marry that perforate the semi transparency of the sea it appears as the preponderant part, which more seduces and schemes.

We agree with Fernando Ureña who can correspond so well: " After years navigating these waters, plunged in a terribly dark and underground river, I start dealing to where I go and what powerful forces drag me, or they sink me, whatever lights guide or dazzle me. "






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